Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Have you ever started a quilt and then thought, "Why did I attempt this?" That's the feeling I get each time I sit down and work on this quilt lately. It is so big and bulky and my machine is so small. I feel like I'm wrestling with it the whole time. 

The backing is flannel, which I love, it is so cozy and warm. But it is also very thick! 

I use Warm & White batting, which is also on the thicker side. 

And I'm working on a Singer 2010 Superb, which is a nice machine, but it is pretty small in the throat space. 

Look how thick this quilt is. It is a queen size, the biggest I have ever made! 

It is huge and it's going to take me forever to quilt this beast, but, I really love how it is turning out with the straight line quilting. The texture it is giving me with super close straight lines is really cool. I love it! Happy Work In Progress Wednesday!! 

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  1. I have never wrestled with anything larger than twin size on my machines...so I can imagine your feelings. I have sent the few large quilts off to the LAQ and while it does cost money and I can't do it often, I think the expense was worth my lack of struggle. =)

    With all that said, when you finish, you will be very proud and it does look lovely. =)

    1. Thank you, I wish I could afford to send it off for long arm quilting. But I agree, I will be proud when it is done.... whenever that is :)


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