Monday, March 24, 2014

Ampersand Quilt

I finally finished up the ampersand quilt and I really love the way it looks. 

I started this quilt by playing around in word with a big ampersand and just changing the font until I found one I liked pretty well. Then I printed it out and cut it up and taped it back together shortening the flourish thing on the top right. Then I scanned it and opened it in preview (on a mac) and went to Tools> Adjust Size. and played around with those settings until I had a pixelated ampersand that I liked. I also did a little math to decide how big I wanted my finished quit to be and compared that to to fact that I wanted to use one inch blocks. This helped me to get the pixelation just right. 

Then I printed the image for reference and moved it into Excel where I made a chart with the numbers one through five. One for the squares that would be white, five for the squares that would be black and two through four for the greys. Then I went through and determined which numbers for which squares. I printed that as my pattern and then because I love Excel I filled each box with a shade of grey or black so I could print a digital mockup of my quilt. 

After doing all that computer work I sat down and counted the squares and did my math to determine my yardage. Then, obviously, I bought my fabric and started cutting and sewing! 

The quilting is just a basic stipple. I find it the most relaxing to sew and I like the way it looks. I used matching "parchment" thread for the white areas and the lightest grey and black for the darker  and black areas. I  made a sleeve for the back to hang it invisibly. So now it is on the wall in my office and I really love it. I feel like it finishes my office and makes it really mine. 

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  1. I love your quilt! The pixilation effect is fantastic!!


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