About Me


I'm Tara, a stay at home mom to 3 awesome kids and a wife to a super supportive, loving, all around awesome guy. I am addicted to my children, they are amazing! They are my biggest challenge and my most important work. Without them life would be boring and pointless.

I love crafts of all kinds but sewing is my favorite. I love the end result. My grandma taught me how to use her sewing machine when I was really young. I don't remember an exact age but I wasn't very old, maybe six or seven. Other than a few lessons from her I am self taught. As far as quilting, I am completely self taught. Thanks to the internet I have learned a lot of new skills and learning new things makes me absolutely giddy.

I didn't make my first real quilt until high school but as soon as I tried it, I loved it. I made another a few years later as a wedding gift for my husband but never finished it. I put quilting aside for a while when life got busy but I have a new Singer sewing machine and a huge studio to get creative in. Thanks to my hubby who always provides for me. I love making functional quilts, blankets for my kids, place mats, bags, pillows. I love seeing the excitement on my kids faces when I give them something I have made myself.

This blog is called Happy Momma Quilts because I recently opened a new chapter in my life and it's a really good one. My husband and I said to each other back in January of 2012 "This is our year, it just has to be!" Well, 2012 was the best year of my life! And 2013 is turning out to be even better. I'm a happy momma and quilting is just one of the many things in my life that makes me happy.


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